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Biking in and around Bad Birnbach

Enjoyment in the idyllic region of Lower Bavaria ...

A stay at Hofmark in picturesque Bad Birnbach is an invitation to directly experience the beauty of Lower Bavaria.

The best way to do so is on the well-maintained hiking trails extending along the Rottal valley and the slender hill landscape of the three-bath-region. This is the perfect place to discover beautiful things, take a break every now and again and maybe even enjoy a traditional Bavarian meal.

If you prefer a bit more exercise, why not use the Nordic Walking & Running Park Course, a track of around 51 kilometres, which caters to the tastes of Nordic walkers, joggers and runners.

You can decide for your personal favourite track among seven established courses between 1.6 and 11.9 kilometres.

This way Bad Birnbach offers the perfect balance of relaxation and activity.

Picturesque paths and picturesque tours for walking, cycling and running as a download:

Biking (4,69 MB)

"Enjoying nature" in Bad Birnbach - for you this means:

  • ... Hiking on signposted trails
  • ... Taking walks in the evening light - many trails have additional lighting
  • ... Going on exciting hikes directly on site
  • ... Using the free Bad Birnbach Bath Bus, which brings you to the most beautiful starting points.